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About us

Josba World Travel and Tours is the emerging premier agency that is trusted for quality and value, and specialising in travel to/from the Mano River States of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone (MRU) and the other Banjul Accord Group (BAG) States of Cabo Verde, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria. Serving the Continent of Africa is a pride and an important aspect of our business. Therefore, our services are extended to and from any part of the Continent.

The agency uses a mix of traditional and modern technology of providing travel, tours and accommodation products and services to satisfy the varying needs and expectations of our customers.

Through our partners, we operate in collaboration with reputable consolidators in the travel trade; Thus, providing a worldwide network of airlines, providing the best fares to our customers and the traveling public in general.

Our team spirited and good neighbourliness will always make us the winning team because we put the customer first in everything we do, and anything we do, we do it with flair, pride and passion to keep our customers delighted anytime all the time with our happy team members so that they will continue to do business with us again and again and again!!!

Josba World Travel and Tours has a team of experts of unparallel experience in airline, airport, civil aviation, tourism, hotels and the travel trade. That is why we pride ourselves in possessing the core competences and distinct resource capabilities that are required in the value chain and value creation activities to deliver products and services that meet the needs of our customers and  exceed their expectations so that they choose us as the best in class for value and satisfaction.



Corporate Strategy

Josba World Travel and Tours provides a platform for travel to and from the Mano River Union (MRU) and Banjul Accord Group (BAG) States to and from anywhere around the World with an extensive brand portfolio which includes some of the world’s reputable and trusted airlines, hotel companies and consolidators.


We exist to make travelling and staying in any of the MRU and BAG States a hassle free and pleasant experience in a sustainable manner and continuously improving to meet our stakeholder’s expectations.

What is our ambition?

To be the agency of first choice for travel to/from the Mano River Union and Banjul Accord Group States of West Africa.

Core Values

  • Team spirited, Integrity and transparency
  • Professionalism and Simplicity
  • Attitude of continuous improvement
  • Respect for customers and colleagues
  • Recognition of diversity and inclusion of all stakeholders


  • Customers: Our customers are the reason for which JWTT exists. No customer no JWTT. However, our success is measured by the number of bookings that are translated to confirmed sales by our valuable customers. Therefore, our focus is always on the customer by constantly challenging ourselves using our distinctive capabilities to satisfy their expectations with flair and to the extent that they are delighted to do repeat business with us again and again and again, and to ensure that we keep existing customers  while attracting new ones through our after-sales network.
  • Employers: We recognise that we cannot make happy customers with unhappy employees. Our employees make us different and unique. If we are to delight our customers, they are the cause of it therefore they are critical to the success of our business. Hence motivation, cultivation, infusing team spirit for the achievement of personal and company objectives are absolutely important component of our priority programs. We develop and provide them with the required skills and resources to provide services that delight our customers.
  • Shareholders: The expectations of our shareholders are governed by success and sustainability of the Business. We therefore deploy our resources and competences to develop continuously improved quality of services so as to generate enough revenues for a return on investment that ensures sustainability and continuity. 


  • Communities: The saying of a sound mind in a sound body is a true reflection of our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda to our neighbourhoods. We recognise that a healthy and educated community is a source of happy customers and happy employees. In that regard JWTT extends it CSR program to support Education, Health, Recreational and Cultural activities as well as environmentally friendly to the communities around our areas of operations.

Our Business strategy

  • Operate a dynamic sales and marketing platform that projects the quality of our products and services
  • We make ourselves relevant and contributory to our localities and society
  • Customer focus – develop products and services that generate enough value for our customers
  • Operate with top and reliable world travel and tourism suppliers


  • Deploy unique resources and core competencies that can achieve the company’s goals and objectives and sustaining a competitive advantage
  • Continuous research in our customers’ needs and wants and develop products and services that meet the requirements of the segments that we serve, through a well-constructed value chain and value network of coordinated activities
  • Always strive to satisfy both external and internal customers.


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